Airport Irvine Animal Hospital

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Our Careteam 

Diane - Receptionist

When Diane thought about how much unconditional love her dog Zoe gave to her, she realized she wanted to pay it forward. Plus, she was always at the pet store getting Zoe toys or treats; why not, wondered Diane, try a job in the pet care field?

Diane grew up in Buena Park, California. After working at the same pet store she bought her own pet products in, Diane became a pet nurse at a local animal hospital. She joined the team here at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital in the summer of 2008 and serves as one of the front-desk receptionists.

Diane and her husband, Luis, have two children: Amanda, who will soon start college, and young Jacob, who is in kindergarten. The family also keeps three dogs, Daisy Duke, Duddley, and Daphne, as well as a Siamese cat named Chester and a rescued Siamese kitten named Mushu.

In her free time, Diane likes baking and watching Anaheim Angels baseball.


Diana - Veterinary Technician

Diana grew up as a Navy brat, so her family couldn’t keep dogs and cats regularly. She would satisfy her desire to spend time with animals by visiting neighbors’ pets. It wasn’t long before dreams of working in the veterinary profession started to form!

After graduating high school in Virginia, Diana attended California State Polytechnic University in Pomona to study Animal Science, earning her degree in 2005. She then moved to Costa Mesa with friends, working for a year at a local kennel before joining the Airport Irvine Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2006.

Diana lives with her dog Xyla, who suffers from an autoimmune disease and must take a low dose of steroids regularly. It’s not always easy taking care of Xyla, but Diana wouldn’t trade the lessons she’s learned for anything!

When she’s not at work, you’ll probably find Diana with her nose in a book. She’s especially fond of George R.R. Martin, Douglas Adams, David Sedaris, and Diane Ackerman. Diana also likes staying creative by making bead jewelry and other crafts.


Sam (Samantha) - Veterinary Technician, Receptionist

Since she was little, Sam has wanted to work with animals. Acting as an advocate for furry family members who cannot speak for themselves has always appealed to her, and her ultimate goal is to become an animal control officer!

Born in Tustin, Sam has lived all over the Costa Mesa area. She began her veterinary career as a kennel technician at a local animal hospital, where she worked for two years. She then moved to a clinic in Fountain Valley to develop her veterinary assistant skills. After another two years, she wanted to work in general practice again and signed up for a position here at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital in 2008.

Sharing the journey of a pet’s growth with caring animal lovers is one of Sam’s favorite parts of the day. She’s also passionate about learning everything she can from the doctors she works with, and passing that knowledge on to clients.

At home, Sam has two dogs of her own: Abby, who is very quirky and silly, and Momma Dog, who is the queen of the house.

Soccer is Sam’s passion outside of veterinary medicine. She’s been playing since she was seven years old, and her team won the regional championship three years in a row! Sam also likes classic cars and taking road trips down the Pacific Coast Highway.


Liora - RVT

As a kid, Liora swayed between two potential job paths—becoming a lawyer or working with animals. After she took a Veterinary Assistant occupational placement class in high school, her mind was made up. Veterinary medicine was the career choice for her!

Liora grew up in Irvine, California with her parents and four cats. Her animal care journey began at San Diego Mesa College, where she studied Veterinary Technology and served in two animal hospitals at the same time. After graduating with her Associate’s degree, she returned to Orange County and joined the Airport Irvine Animal Hospital family in the fall of 2010. Liora continued on to receive her licensure and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in February 2014!

Liora especially enjoys radiology and assisting doctors with ultrasound. Above all, she likes seeing an animal go home healthy and happy alongside their loving owners.

At home, Liora and her family have five cats, ranging from kitten-aged to an elderly 17-year-old. When she isn’t caring for animals around the clinic or spending time with her family and pets, Liora enjoys reading, watching movies, visiting amusement parks, and going to baseball games.


Will - Veterinary Technician

Will was very young when he realized how important pets were to his family. It wasn’t just about having an animal in the house—pets were always there to bring a smile to Will’s face, and he wanted to return the favor. Every day, he strives to make a difference as a Veterinary Technician at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital.

Will’s veterinary career began in Huntington Beach, where he worked for a local pet hospital for a year. In 2011, he arrived at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital and immediately fell in love with the doctors and staff.

In his free time, Will enjoys training in jiu-jitsu and Crossfit. He’s also fond of attending sporting events, seeing concerts, riding motorcycles, and working on cars.


Nicole - Veterinary Technician

Since the second grade, Nicole knew she wanted to work with animals. By the time she was in high school, she was helping out at a horse ranch in exchange for riding lessons and pet sitting for other families. Now she gets to care for pets and their owners every day as a Veterinary Technician!

Nicole grew up in San Bernardino, Redlands, and Yucaipa. After working at an all-cat clinic, Nicole decided to get back into general practice and applied here at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital. Within 48 hours, Dr. Radovich had reviewed her resume and called her in for an interview!

At home, Nicole lives with her young son and their 105-pound Belgian German shepherd, Kodiak. When she has time, Nicole enjoys snowboarding, skating, and riding dirt bikes.


Norberto - Veterinary Assistant, Hospital Maintenance

Norberto first met Dr. Radovich when he started working at Dr. Radovich’s ranch in Coto de Caza, tending to the horses and other animals there. He did such a fine job that Dr. Radovich offered him a job at the clinic!

Norberto grew up in Mexico. He began here at the clinic in May of 2006, and serves as a Veterinary Assistant while also maintaining the hospital facilities.

Norberto and his wife, Maria, have been married for 18 years. They have two beautiful children: Cristal, 17, and Jesus, 10. When he isn’t working or spending time with his family, Norberto likes to spend time at the gym working out.


Trini - Kennel Attendant

Growing up in Mexico, Trini would see unbathed, matted, and hungry neighborhood animals. Occasionally, she would take a pet in to spruce it up, offering food, a bath, and a hair trim. These early experiences with animal care made Trini realize that the profession was a natural fit for her!

Trini arrived in the United States at the age of 20. A relative of hers was working here at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital and introduced Trini to the job. She was offered the position, and has happily served as a Kennel Assistant for nearly 10 years!

Trini has five wonderful children: Ruben, Angel, Juan, Patty, and Daniel. The family shares their home with two pit bulls named Choco and Cocoa, who both raise their paw to shake hands when visitors come over.

Outside of work, Trini loves cooking and makes dinner for her family every night. On the weekends, she’s in soccer-mom mode and shuttles her youngest son, Daniel, back and forth to his soccer games.


Eva- Kennel Attendant

Growing up in Mexico, Eva’s family kept cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats. Her early experiences with animals inspired her to work with pets full-time! Now she provides care to the clinic’s boarding pets as a Kennel Assistant.

Eva met Dr. Radovich through a mutual friend and client at the hospital. She started here in November of 2006. Getting to know the different pet personalities, giving pets baths, and helping pets to feel calm in the kennels are Eva’s favorite parts of her job.

At home, Eva has two cats of her own: Lola and Sasha. When she isn’t working or spending time with her family and pets, Eva enjoys going to the beach, relaxing in the park, eating out, and watching movies.


Meow - Clinic Cat

Meow arrived at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital in late 2011. He immediately claimed the grooming area as his territory by breaking out of a cage and through a layer of drywall! Although he still occasionally explores other cats’ carriers, he’s earned his trust around the kennels.

Food is Meow’s favorite thing. He loves hanging around the pet food refrigerator every morning and every evening until he gets his meal. Staff meeting days, when the team gathers for lunch, are Meow’s favorite—it means lots of extra crumbs! Meow is also fond of his birthday and holidays on which he gets spoiled with lots of toys, including his favorite: catnip.

Meow is hyperthyroid and has inflammatory bowel disease. Luckily, both are easily managed with daily medications—hidden in treats by staff members—and his special limited-ingredient diet.