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Feeling nervous about your pet’s upcoming operation?

Surgery is something most pet parents have to face at some point. Whether it’s a routine procedure or an advanced surgery, we want you to know you can trust the team at Airport Irvine Animal Hospital. Our doctors are experienced in performing a broad spectrum of pet surgeries. More importantly, we take every measure available to us to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients.

No surgery will be performed until we’ve conducted thorough pre-surgical screening. This provides insight into any unique risk factors that may exist for your pet. When we can plan ahead for these things, we can improve the chances of everything going smoothly, which is always our goal. Preoperative care also involves developing an individualized plan for managing your pet’s pain most effectively.

The day of surgery, you will be welcomed by the reassuring smiles and friendly hugs of our care team. While you ask any last minute questions, we’ll get right to work helping your loved one settle in and get comfortable. This is an important step because we want the entire experience to be as positive and stress-free as possible. We will spend as much time as necessary preparing your loved one for a safe and pain-free surgery.

The surgeries we perform include most traditional operations, such as spay, neuter and soft tissue surgeries. We also handle a number of more advanced and rare procedures for brachycephalic breeds (Pugs, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, etc). These surgeries include:

  • Upper Airway to Correct Elongated Soft Palates
  • Everted Laryngeal Saccules
  • Stenotic Nares (Nostrils)

All of these can help enhance breathing capacity as well as improve heat and exercise tolerance. Furthermore, our use of the CO2 laser for these procedures allows for a minimal time in the hospital in most cases. Your pup can be up and running again before you know it! Laser surgery is also available for most of our other procedures.

Surgical safety includes the use of highly effective anesthetic products, modern techniques and up-to-date monitoring equipment. Your companion will be watched closely throughout the entire procedure to ensure his or her wellbeing. Following surgery, we will start your pet’s recovery off on the right paw with thorough aftercare instructions and appropriate pain control medication.

When it comes to surgery, your loved one will be in compassionate, capable hands with us. Call today and let’s discuss how we can assist with all of your pet’s surgical care needs!